Calle: Zuloaga S/N
CP: 41500. Alcalá de Guadaíra (Sevilla)
Phone number: 0034620901928
Contact of the reference person(s)Management team: (till 30th June) (from 30th June, she is the new head teacher)
Teacher coordinating the program:
Education levelMiddle/High School : students between 12-18 years old.
Collaboration subjects/modules of the Language AssistantArts, P.E, Music, Maths, Geography, History, Technology and Biology.
Information about the town and/or neighborhoodAlcalá de Guadaíra is a town located in Seville, Andalusia, in the south of Spain. It has 75,000 inhabitants, and it is near the capital, Seville, just about 15 kilometers. Its location is perfect to visit nearby towns as Carmona, Osuna, and many others touristic places where you can learn about our culture and also enjoy our excellent gastronomy. The weather is fantastic, warm and sunny most of the year, and slightly cold or rainy in winter. Alcalá has been really famous throughout history because of its bread and the mills used for its elaboration; in fact, some of them are still found nearby the river Guadaíra. The pipeclay (albero), a golden Andalusian-type sand, is another symbol of our town.
Its impressive castle, with outstandings views of all the town, dates from Arabian times. You can visit it or walk along the beautiful Oromana park, a great place to enjoy nature. The Dragon Bridge is another must if you come to Alcalá. To know more about our town, here you have some videos:
Getting to schoolYou can use public transport like taxis or buses.
If you live in Seville, thereʼs a line called M-121 and M-122 (CASAL BUS) which is the cheapest way to get to Alcalá .
Here you have more information about it:
If you live in Alcalá, the buses available are these:
AccommodationThe best option is to share a flat or rent a room, since the prices are usually high.
You can look for in different web pages like
Contact with other Language AssistantsSchool year 23/24. Our language assistant was Suma Allu, you can contact her via email if you need more information:
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